Food Safety Educational Series

To recognize participation in AFFI’s food safety webinar series, AFFI members who attend all webinars in a given track and then complete an application will receive a digital badge. The four tracks include: Sanitation Controls, Environmental Monitoring, Process Validation and Basics of Listeria Control.

Attendees may receive up to four digital badges certifying completion of a track in the series. You can view the recipients of this year’s digital badge program below. 

Sanitation Controls

Attendees learned how to review, compare, and assess their existing sanitation programs to target Listeria monocytogenes (Lm). Specifically, attendees learned the importance of validation in implementing a facility’s sanitation program and learned how to identify appropriate cleaning and sanitizing chemicals based on the type of soils; how to optimize sanitizer concentration and application; and gain in-depth knowledge about their chemical properties.

They also learned industry issues that commonly occur such as the potential for Lm harborage in freezers and subsequent contamination of frozen foods. The following subject areas were covered:

Routine Cleaning and Non-Routine Cleaning
Validation of Sanitation Systems
Sanitation Top 10 Failures
Freezer Sanitation
Cleaning and Sanitizing Chemistry

Environmental Monitoring

Prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) in frozen food facilities is a major challenge to manufacturers and implementation of environmental sampling and monitoring programs are vital to assessing Lm prevention and control. In this track, attendees learned about the key elements of a robust verification program, including sampling tactics, strategies to identify Lm niches, and other tools to evaluate the impact of sanitation on Lm prevalence in the food production environment. The following subject areas were covered:

Basics of an Environmental Monitoring Program
Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions
Top Ten Reasons for Listeria Findings
How to use Trends of Environmental Monitoring Trends

Process Validation

Attendees listened to an industry expert and learned what steps frozen food manufacturers can take to develop validated cooking instructions on frozen food packaging. They also heard from one of FDA’s process validation experts, who reviewed key steps in validating blanchers and related processing equipment. The following subject areas were covered:

Validation of Blanching
Validation of Cooking Instructions

Basics of Listeria Control

Attendees learned the standards that frozen food manufacturers should follow to prevent potential harborage and growth niches from forming on frozen food equipment and creating an increased risk of Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) contamination. Specifically, the role of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in the prevention and control of Lm in frozen food facilities and key principles to support GMP programs.

They also learned about the general principles and process of risk assessment, its strengths and weakness, and explored the potential use of risk assessment tools for the frozen food industry from industry experiences and viewpoints on regulatory interactions during inspections to discuss ways in which facilities can prepare for and manage regulatory inspections. The following subject areas were covered.

Hygienic Design of Equipment
What are Microbial Risk Assessments and How Can They be Used?
Top 10 Reasons for Inspection Citations in a Frozen Food Manufacturing Facility
Intro for Listeria Control

Food Safety Digital Badge Application

Once they have attended all the training webinars available in a given track, AFFI members can apply for that track's digital badge by filling out this form. Please note that you will not receive your digital badge until that track's webinars have all been completed and your attendance at each is verified.