AFFI is deeply committed to seeing our food safety best practices implemented throughout the frozen food and beverage industry. To better measure implementation success across the industry we have partnered with these four companies to jointly create programs and offer technology that assists in testing, training and equipment certification.

Merieux NutriSciences

Lm Trend Tracker

Mérieux NutriSciences’ Lm Trend Tracker helps address Listeria control in frozen food facilities through implementation of industry-wide environmental monitoring data collection and analysis. The testing and data analysis capabilities allow companies to monitor the pathogen control metrics of an individual facility in isolation or relative to an industry average. Participation is available to facilities that do testing with other labs, provided the tests meet certain requirements. Available only to AFFI Members.


EyeSucceed, a wearable, augmented reality-based technology from NSF International, is available for the food and beverage manufacturing industry exclusively through AFFI. Tailored specifically to a company’s individual facility needs, this technology can transform how the food industry applies best food safety practices, while driving consistency of food safety training that can be lost through employee to employee training. Available to ALL companies.

Hygienic Equipment Design

NSF’s equipment certification program for frozen food manufacturers provides a reliable, standardized system to purchase equipment. NSF’s program adheres to AFFI’s hygienic design best practices that are critical to pathogen control in frozen food facilities. Program participants can also have any existing equipment in their facilities assessed to determine if it adheres to the design recommendations. Available to ALL companies.

Food Safety Training

Alchemy’s food safety training solution delivers, reinforces, and tracks training to build knowledge and confidence in millions of frontline workers worldwide. Alchemy helps reduce incidents and injuries, increase productivity, and keep product safety top-of-mind on the manufacturing floor. Working closely with AFFI, Alchemy has developed food safety training courses specific to the frozen food industry, with interactive content that keeps workers engaged for better retention and results, including a unique Listeria Awareness Program designed to help plants create critical employee awareness of important preventive measures against Listeria, which will be available in 2019. Available to ALL companies.


PhageGuard helps processor ensure the safety of foods through the use of phage technology. The natural enemy of bacteria, bacterio-phages kill pathogens including Salmonella and Listeria. They are green, smart and easy to apply on food via spraying, misting or dipping without effect on taste, color or smell. Organic and considered a processing aid by both FDA and USDA, phage can be a useful tool for your food safety toolbox. Contact us today to find out how the use of phages can advance your food safety efforts!

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