Listeria Stops Here

In partnership with AFFI, Intertek Alchemy developed a Listeria specific food safety training course that is available to the frozen food industry. This program is tailormade for line workers in manufacturing facilities and includes a variety of interactive content that keeps workers engaged for better retention, results, and risk reduction.

Program Benefits

  • Protect Profits Listeria can cost your facility up to $6.5M a year.
  • Reduce Risk Your workforce is informed, well-trained and ready to battle Listeria.
  • Protect People Listeria is deadly, particularly to vulnerable populations and you can help protect them.

The Program Includes: 

Playbook: The full program binder with all the detailed information needed to run a successful program year-round.

​Monthly Posters: High-impact posters to post in high traffic areas. Each month highlights a different topic that further emphasizes the most important steps in protecting against Listeria.

Digital Signage: Short, visual digital segments that can be uploaded to your digital signage and screens in the facility.

Need to Knows: Handout that provide specific training tips about the monthly topics to each employee.

Huddle Guides: Thorough guides for supervisors to use to initiate in-depth discussions with employees about prevention techniques.

Recognition Cards: Help to reinforce following excellent procedures with employees.

AFF19004 Brand Launch Guide

Launch Guide: Introduces the program, outlines expectations, and explains the importance of Listeria prevention.